Arun Shukla

Arun Shukla

Simon Ostrach Professor, University of Rhode Island
Talk Title: Recent experiments on dynamic instabilities in underwater structures
Prof. Arun Shukla

This talk will present recent experimental results on the implosion of designed composite cylinders under complex loading conditions. Experiments are conducted to study the mechanics of implosion of single hull and double hull structures with and without confining conditions. State of the art pressure vessel facilities are used to study the implosion process. These pressure vessels are outfitted with several windows to allow the use of the 3D Digital Image Correlation (DIC) technique. The pressure histories generated by the implosion event are captured from dynamic pressure transducers mounted close to the specimen in all the experiments. These pressure histories are then related to real time deformations and velocities occurring on the shells. High speed images are captured for better understanding of the deformation mechanisms and collapse modes of the structures during the experiments. 3D-DIC technique is utilized in conjunction with high speed photography to get quantitative information on the deformation of the composite tubes. Displacement, velocities, and variations in the pressure profile are correlated to key stages of the collapse event to improve understanding of the failure process during the implosion of underwater structures. Some experiments are also conducted under combined hydrostatic and superimposed shock loadings and these results will also be discussed.

Arun Shukla is the Simon Ostrach Professor in the Department of Mechanical, Industrial and Systems Engineering at the University of Rhode Island. Professor Shukla's research is in the field of experimental solid mechanics, focusing on the high-rate behavior of materials during blasts and explosions. Specific research areas of interest include: shock tube loading under extremes of temperatures, underwater implosion and explosion, fracture mechanics, wave propagation, blast mitigation, composite materials, nano and functionally graded materials, electro-mechanical characterization, and optical experimental methods. Professor Shukla is a fellow of the American Academy of Mechanics, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, and the Society for Experimental Mechanics (SEM). He has received numerous awards from SEM, including the 2011 Murray Medal, the 2012 Taylor Award for Technical Excellence in Optical Stress Analysis, and the 2012 Tatnall Award for Long and Distinguished Service to SEM.

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