Posters will be presented in the lobby of the Engineering Research Center (ERC). The poster board dimensions are 40'' wide and 32" tall. Below are the antipicated posters that will be on display at New.Mech 2018.

Author Title
Carlos Duque, UMass Amherst Low distortion isotropic swelling
Mohammad Islam, RPI Mechanics of soft networks with encapsulated inclusions
Michael Jandron, Brown Electroelastic wave propagation in dielectric elastomer composites
Qian Ye, SUNY Stony Brook Topology optimization of conformal structures on manifolds using extended level set methods and conformal geometry theory
Rojin Ghandriz, UMass Dartmouth Extended finite element method (XFEM) to study the fracture of 3D printed polymers considering layer interfaces
Long Jiang, SUNY Stony Brook Concurrent optimization of structure topology and infill properties with a cardinal-function-based parametric level set method
Bahador Marzban, URI A contraction-reaction-diffusion model for mechanosensing in cell motility
Jiawei Tian, SUNY Stony Brook Level-set-based topology optimization for nonlinear problems
Xiaoqiang Xu, SUNY Stony Brook Multimaterial topology optimization of thermoelectric devices
Tingtao Zhou, MIT Poro-mechanics of cement paste under partial saturation
Ahmed Elgailani, Northeastern Linear mechanical response of microgel suspensions
Seongmin Kim, Harvard Evolution of the granular fluidity field
Shihong Li, Brown Material stability and localization in nonlocal continuum modeling of steady, dense granular flow
Shashank Agarwal, MIT Locomotion modeling in granular beds
Kareem Abdelshafy, Northeastern Mesoscale modeling of the cyclic loading in amorphous materials
Maytee Chantharayukhonthorn, MIT A hybrid material point and discrete element method for granular media modeling
Huilin Ye, UConn Shear rate dependent margination of sphere-like, oblate-like and prolate-like micro-particles within blood flow
Habibeh Ashouri Choshali, WPI The effects of mechanical stress on the collective cell behavior on micropatterned substrates
Zhiqiang Shen, UConn Understanding receptor-mediated endocytosis of elastic nanoparticles through coarse grained molecular dynamic simulation
Sabah Nobakhti, Northeastern Multiscale characteristics of bone toughness
Anirban Pal, RPI Dislocation mobility and non-Schmid effects in HMX under high pressures
Christopher Salazar, URI Dynamic instability of anisotropic cylinders in a pressurized limited-energy underwater environment
Sen Yang, UMass Dartmouth Electrical response of multi-functional natural fiber composites under shear loading
Koray Senol, URI Underwater shock response of closed cell PVC foam
Shaghayegh Rezazadeh Kalehbasti, Brown Real-time monitoring of phase boundary propagation in electrode materials through picosecond ultrasonics
Shyamal Kishore, URI Dynamic underwater response of a composite cylinder to proximal implosion
Insun Yoon, Brown Membrane bulge test to characterize the mechanical properties of solid electrolyte interphase
Carlos Javier, URI Underwater blast response of carbon-fiber/epoxy composite plates
Pinkesh Malhotra, Brown High speed microscopic imaging of initiation and propagation of adiabatic shear bands
Konane Bay, UMass Amherst Quantifying the mechanical properties of ultra-thin glassy polymer films
Heather Reed, Thornton Tomasetti - Weidlinger Applied Science Engineering mechanics at Thornton Tomasetti
John Farah, OptiCOMP Networks Rapid wafering of wide bandgap substrates
Lucia Stein-Montalvo, Boston University Buckling of geometrically confined thick shells
Kshitij Kumar Yadav, UMass Amherst Imperfection insensitivity of wavy cross-sectional thin cylindrical shells under bending: Effect of cross section shape and curvature
Matheus Fernandes, Harvard Soft robot gripper with camera-less object classification using machine learning
Christopher Barney, UMass Amherst Mechanics of needle-induced cavitation
Soroush Kamrava, Northeastern Origami-based metamaterial with programmable stability
Casey Ricks, Boston University Composite elastogranular jammed structures
Keith Dusoe, UMass Amherst In-situ micromechanical characterization of materials with high mechanical potential energy storage capacity
Yoonho Kim, MIT Untethered soft machines and robots by printing ferromagnetic domains in soft materials
Wen Chen, UMass Amherst Materials design by advanced manufacturing