Short Talks

Short talks, or teaser talks, are designed to be quick and engaging. They are no longer than 3 minutes each.  Below are the anticpated talks for New.Mech 2018.

Short Talks Session A (11:00-11:40)

Author Title
David Melancon, Harvard Inflatable origami-inspired structures
Lucia Stein-Montalvo, Boston University Buckling of geometrically confined thick shells
Mrityunjay Kothari, Brown Curvature localization in graphene
Simos Gerasimidis, UMass Amherst On establishing buckling knockdowns for imperfection-sensitive shell structures
Emilio Lozano, Harvard Openings: a geometric imperfection view in the context of cylindrical shell buckling
Chao Chen, UMass Amherst Bio-inspired hierarchical wrinkles on multi-layered thin films
Insun Yoon, Brown Elastic buckling-based measurements of the plane strain modulus of ultra-thin, rough, possibly porous films
Shabnam Raayai, MIT Volume-controlled cavity expansion for probing of local elastic properties in soft materials
Arshad Kudrolli, Clark Order and disorder in twisted slender structures
Emmanuel Virot, Harvard Experimental study probing an axially compressed cylinder with or without end-rotation constraint
Hongyan Yuan, URI Computational mechanics modeling of continuum soft robots
Wenqiang Fang, Brown Role of small scale geometric heterogeneity on effective interfacial toughness
Jiawei Yang, Harvard Molecular stitching


Short Talks Session B (2:00-2:40)

Author Title
Jun Li, UMass Dartmouth 3D printed polymers for enhanced fracture properties
Yoonho Kim, MIT Untethered soft machines and robots by printing ferromagnetic domains in soft materials
Andrew Gross, Harvard Additive manufacturing of nano-structures that are delicate, complex, and smaller than ever
Md Fazlay Rabbi, UMass Dartmouth Effect of surface pattern on the dynamic fracture toughness of the 3D printed materials
Mohammad Islam, RPI Mechanics of soft networks with encapsulated inclusions
Lifeng Wang, SUNY Stony Brook Enhancing mechanical performance in auxetic composite materials
Shengguang Jin, UNH Shear resistance of an auxetic chiral mechanical metamaterial
Michael Jandron, Brown Electroelastic wave propagation in dielectric elastomer composites
Mo Eydani, Boston University Elastogranular Composite Jammed Structures
Panos Pantidis, UMass Amherst On the correlation between topology and elastic properties of imperfect architected materials
Max Monn, Brown Insights into the mechanics of biological composites: overcoming the toughness hype
Jacob Merson, RPI Multiscale modeling framework with application to the facet capsule ligament
Bahador Marzban, URI A contraction-reaction-diffusion model for mechanosensing in cell motility


Short Talks Session C (3:20-4:00)

Author Title
Katharine Jensen, Williams Singularity dynamics in soft adhesive detachment
Weilin Deng, Brown Surface roughness dependent adhesion: Finite element modeling and analysis
Wonho Jhe, Seoul National University Bifurcation-enhanced ultrahigh sensitivity of a buckled cantilever
Aaron Baumgarten, MIT A general fluid-sediment mixture model and constitutive theory validated in many flow regimes
Kareem Abdelshafy, Northeastern Mesoscale modeling of the cyclic loading in amorphous materials
Juner Zhu, MIT Plasticity and fracture of granular/metal multi-layer structures with particular application to lithium-ion pouch batteries
Madhav Baral, UNH Ductile fracture behavior of anisotropic AA6111-T4 aluminum sheet
Pinkesh Malhotra, Brown High speed microscopic imaging of initiation and propagation of adiabatic shear bands
Carlos Javier, URI Underwater blast response of carbon-fiber/epoxy composite plates
Shyamal Kishore, URI Dynamic underwater response of a composite cylinder to proximal implosion
Shaghayegh Rezazadeh Kalehbasti, Brown Real-time monitoring of phase boundary propagation in electrode materials through picosecond ultrasonics
Konane Bay, UMass Amherst Quantifying the mechanical properties of ultra-thin glassy polymer film
Shikui Chen, SUNY Stony Brook Topology optimization of conformal structures on manifolds using extended level set methods (X-LSM) and conformal geometry theory