NEW.Mech 2018 will be hosted by the Brown University School of Engineering in Providence, RI.  The best place to park is at the Power Street Parking Garage (see attached map).  Note that limited on-street parking is available, but the City of Providence enforces the posted time limits (typically two or three hours) , so we suggest the parking garage for all-day parking.  Registration will take place in the new Engineering Research Center (ERC) building lobby as well as lunch, poster sessions, and the reception (note that this new building is not viewable with Google Maps currently, so please refer to the attached map).  Note that the invited and short talks will now take place in the nearby Solomon Center 101.  We will move in groups between the ERC and Solomon and there will be volunteers assisting with this move.

Also, according to the current MBTA schedule, there will be a Saturday morning train that leaves South Station at 7:25am and arrives in Providence at 8:31am.  Just note that there is about a 20-30 minute walk from Providence station to the Engineering Research Center.




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