Gallery of Mechanics

NEW.Mech will include a “Gallery of Mechanics” to showcase the most visually striking video presentations from your research. Submitted movies must be less than 60 seconds long, and there must be no need to pause the movie to completely appreciate its content. The audio stream of the movie will be muted. Each submission must have a title that succinctly describes the topic. Submitted movies will be on display in the lobby of the Engineering Research Center during registration, lunch, and the coffee break, and an award for the best movie will be given.  Below are the antipcated videos for New.Mech 2018.


Author Title
Christopher Barney, UMass Amherst Tubular needle-induced cavitation
Yoonho Kim, MIT Untethered soft machines and robots by printing ferromagnetic domains in soft materials
Carlos Javier, URI Underwater blast response of carbon-fiber/epoxy composite plates
Shyamal Kishore, URI Dynamic underwater response of a composite cylinder to proximal implosion
Christopher Salazar, URI Dynamic instability of anisotropic cylinders in a pressurized limited-energy underwater environment
Koray Senol, URI Underwater shock response of closed cell PVC foam
Michael Jandron, Brown Electroelastic wave propagation in dielectric elastomer composities